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January 3, 2016

Hi all,

Many of you who’ve been fans of the Tales of The Order have been waiting for the ‘next’ book in the series…LORE. I’m sorry to say it’s been delayed for a time. I don’t know when it will be released.

Publishers (nor I) can afford to release the title until we can make a dent in the e-book theft of the entire series.

We all know people are going to steal books and put them on illegal file share sites thus depriving the authors of the little income they get from their work.

In this case, the entire Tales of The Order series has been so massively pirated – for so many years – that I can’t ask any publisher to endure publication costs, nor can I afford to self-publish by paying for editing, cover design, etc. Currently, there’ll be absolutely no return on that investment. The illegal file sharing keeps a lot of readers from wanting to buy the books legally. Pirates are stealing the books almost faster than I can actually write them. Most decent people ‘will’ buy the books. A lot more who’re not so decent are willing to steal them, then wait for the next one in the series to be illegally uploaded somewhere.

Pirates will tell readers (as if they can justify stealing someone else’s hard work) that there’s no proof anyone downloading a book from an illegal file share site would have ever purchased it anyhow. So the theft isn’t hurting anybody.

I argue that there’s no proof someone ‘wouldn’t’ have bought the book if readers’ only had the choice of legally purchasing it!

We’ve established that those who download the stolen property aren’t paying for it. Moreover, many of them (believing they’re ‘owed’ free stuff) then turn around and put even more authors’ works on illegal file share sites so they won’t ‘ever’ have to pay for them. That’s how entire series of books end up on file share sites where the author won’t ever get a penny for the thousands of downloads. Of course, somebody is getting the money; usually the file share site owner. Check the internet for ‘seized illegal file share sites’. You’ll see illegal file share site owners living lavishly (in other countries). When the law finally caught up with one illegal file share site owner, the guy had a ranch home of over 32,000 square feet, a tennis court, and a stable. He didn’t get all the dough for his property by working for it! He got it by stealing. He was asking the file share site users for a ‘modest’ donation to keep his ‘good work’ going. Apparently, there were a lot of people willing to ‘donate’ to him just to get thousands of illegally posted books, music downloads, etc.

Sooner or later – if thieves keep stealing what took me a year or more to create – then I’ll have to quit creating it. Authors are in a declining market where they’re fighting for every dollar they can get. Most of us won’t ever make enough to pay our bills. When you buy an ebook, you purchase a one-time digital right to the book. What you don’t have the right to do is to copy that book over and over while the author only gets the payment for the ‘one’ download.

About print books…if you buy one of my print novels, then you give it to your neighbor…then your neighbor shares it with a friend…there’s still only one book in existence (unless you or one of the other people takes that book to a copier and mass copies it  – which is illegal).

In the situation above, one book was purchased. One book is being shared. Only that one book is circulating. No author I know of has a problem with that. When one person gives the book up, they don’t have a copy…the original goes on to someone else who might enjoy it. One book. One purchase.

An ebook isn’t different because it’s ‘digital’. You buy one book, only the one book should exist on your computer. Now…some authors have arrangements with big vendors and libraries. These arrangements allow for borrowing, but those numbers of borrows are carefully negotiated through contracts.  

If you download my ebook and pay $1.00 for it…then copy it for your neighbor…then your neighbor copies it to share with her friend…now there are THREE copies in existence when only one was purchased. That one original digital book could be illegally shared in this manner, many millions of times. Again…I find it odd that pirates say “there’s no proof  anybody would have legally ‘purchased’ that same book”. I say that there’s no proof readers WOULDN’T have legally purchased it if that’d been the only option. This is just an excuse to justify stealing.

Ask yourself if you’d be so forgiving if someone stole your lawn mower out of your garage, and you needed that lawn mower to make a living. In order to keep up with the thieves who keep stealing your mower, you’d have to keep paying to get (or somehow produce) a new mower over and over and over. How many times would you be willing to do that before you gave up?

Let’s make this a little more personal.

The next time you go to work how would you feel if some stranger came to your office and demanded your paycheck? You worked hard for it but that stranger thinks they’re entitled to it. After all, there’s no proof YOU need it so why shouldn’t you give it to THEM?

Please…I’m no legal expert. But if you don’t know whether it’s okay to ‘share’ a book or any part of it (print or ebook), please ask the author, the publisher…or refer to the instructions on the copyright page in front of the book. That copyright page will usually make it clear that the book is not to be ‘copied’ in any form, for any reason.

Don’t be fooled by sites labeled: ‘free legal downloads of ebooks’ ‘authorized free ebooks’, ‘legitimate free ebooks’, ‘downloads approved by publishers, agents, authors’, etc.

These catch phrases are all lies designed to lure you onto sites where the pirates can and will steal your sensitive information when you logon. They’re thieves! By stealing in the first place, they’ve demonstrated they don’t care who they harm, including YOU. They’ll happily ask for a ‘donation’ to help pay for their lavish lifestyle in New Zealand or someplace. Meanwhile, I know authors who’ve died waiting for their $15.00 royalty check; a check that won’t ever come because pirates seem to think they’re owed somebody else’s work.

The term ‘Digital’ doesn’t equate to free for everyone who wants to copy it. Please remember that when you hear about a great illegal file share site. You might be dooming that favorite series you love when the author can’t afford to write the books any longer.

For those wonderful readers who’ve always been there…legally purchasing books when you can afford to do so…thank you from the bottom of my heart! In a world where it’s so much easier to steal and justify it, there ‘are’ people with integrity. There are still people who know what it’s like to struggle for a living. Thank you for legally buying one of my books!!!

Thanks all. Rant over.

C. Sams





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