Galaxy Man

best book awardGalaxy Man is a Write Touch Readers’ Award Finalist
Galaxy Man is a Desert Rose Golden Quill Award Finalist


by Candace Sams

March, 2016
Cover: Glass Slipper Web Design
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“With whom must one fornicate to get out of this!”

In the distant future, Captain Keir Trask hunts dangerous weapon smugglers and has tracked them all the way to Earth. In order to bring these felons back to planet Lucent, he has quite reluctantly agreed to go undercover as a male beauty pageant contestant. The only problem is that the Earth Protectorate agent assigned to work with him is driving him bat**** crazy.

Captain Sagan Carter has orders to make sure her high-and-mighty alien counterpart completes all the requirements of his undercover assignment; otherwise he’s to be escorted to the nearest deportation area, never to return to Earth’s surface.

All Keir wants is to arrest the smugglers and go home.

To make the arrest and grab the kudos for herself, Sagan forces Keir to keep his assorted appointments including bikini waxes, cucumber facials and filming promo spots for…

‘Pluto Pillow Mints…The mints that melt in your mouth and provide an orgasmic experience for your taste buds’.

It’s a campy, cosmic ride to adventure!
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Galaxy Man
Disclaimer: No pillow mints were harmed while writing this manuscript!


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This book was a Desert Rose Golden Quill Award Finalist
This book was a Write Touch Readers’ Award Finalist

best book awardGQ Finalist


Award-Winning Finalist
in the Fiction & Literature: Romance category
of the National Best Books Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

“I have a great time laughing because this story just pushes with relish all the right buttons where my ability to enjoy the absurd is concerned. The author’s sense of timing and her ability to set up a joke leading to a punchline work very well for me. This book, therefore, is too much fun. ~ review by Mrs. Giggles ~, Rating: 87

Galaxy Man was once a BORDERS, paranormal romance Top Pick

4.5 STARS! The Romance Studio – Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual
….anyone who likes to read out of this world fantasies filled with hot men, funny moments, sad/tender moments topped off with a kick butt battle between the good guys and the bad guys should run out and get this book. I can’t recommend it enough. – Reviewer: Diane Mason, The Romance Studio

Romance Reader at Heart TOP PICK
Sams creates non-stop action as Trask, Sagan and their contestant cohorts battle the arms smuggling pirates from the planet Ussaria, indulge in spectacular parties and put up with the humiliation of being primped, groomed and waxed for the enjoyment of millions of vid viewers. And did I mention that Trask’s second-in-command has the wings of an angel and a body to die for? Sigh. The characters are perfectly developed and the snappy dialog often left me laughing.

GALAXY MAN amazed me with its quality of action, adventure, romance and science-fiction. It is fun to consider what people of other planets will look like, eat, and consider to be art. And it is great fun to fantasize about certain alien male body parts moving in new and interesting ways! I heartily recommend this for all the entertainment value.
Susan Barton for Romance Reader at Heart

Romantic Times Magazine – RT Rating 4 1/2 Stars
This excellent blend of high-stakes intrigue, fast-paced danger and offbeat humor is a cross between Miss Congeniality and Men in Black. Watching tough-as-nails protagonists balancing life-threatening danger and pageant high jinks is hugely entertaining. Yet Sams doesn’t forget to create characters layered with deep emotion.

Summary: Earth Protectorate Force Captain Sagan Carter has just been handed a time bomb of an assignment. Intergalactic weapons smugglers are about to make a deal, and Sagan has been ordered to work with Oceanus Enforcer Keir Trask, whose cover story will be to compete as an entrant in a male beauty pageant.

Sexy and smart Sagan quickly shatters Keir’s belief that all Earthers are backwards and slow. Meanwhile, Keir is under strict orders not to reveal what else he is hunting. With competitors from all over the galaxy, the pageant is the perfect place to set up an illegal deal — meaning everyone is suspect. (Candace Sams, March 2016, 320+ pp. HOTJill M. Smith, for Romantic Times Magazine

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