How the Equinoxes Really Began

This is a G-Rated, Young Adult or Children’s short story! Campy fiction at its best!

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In the distant past, a young fairy comes up with an idea to keep the seasons from literally slamming into one another. First, she has to get Mother Nature’s cooperation and convince her meddlesome older sisters that her plan can save the world.


Join in the fun, when a group of fairies argue over when and how the seasons should enter the landscape!




“What if we tried gathering all the colors at the same time, and a little earlier than we think we need to?” Terra asked, in a tentative fashion. We might get away with it.”

Flame gasped in shock. “How dare you even suggest such a thing? What utter nonsense! The colors won’t store; they’ll spoil if winter isn’t on its way and, then what happens when all the humans don’t see the landscape alter? They’ll freeze or starve and it’ll be your fault.”

Terra began to sniffle. Then her head drooped. Her sobs eventually turned into full-scale, outrageous weeping. “I-I would n-never hurt anyone,” she stammered. “Flame, that’s a t-terrible thing to suggest.”

“Oh, for the love of toad turds,” Zephyr muttered. “I’m outta here. I can’t take one more winter or summer of this caterwauling and arguing. The problem of when seasons change can be solved. It’s as simple as breathing. Of course, what would I know? I just do all the huffing and puffing around here.”

“I’ve had just about enough out of you, little missy. Don’t you leave your spot,” Rain commanded, and pointed at the old oak stump on which Zephyr sat. “Once I make my move, Terra and Flame must follow. Then you go to work. You need to stay close so that, when the summer ends and the winter begins, we can get our precious colors distributed.” She shook one index finger under Zephyr’s nose. “And none of that half-gusting crud you pulled last time. I want a full-on hearty discharge, from the deepest part of your body. Understand?”

Zephyr leaned forward so that her nose almost touched Rain’s. “Ohhhh, don’t worry! If it’s a deep discharge you want, I’ll make sure you get it!”

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