The Craftsman

the craftsman

The fifth book in the Tales of the Order seriesby Candace Sams
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Full novel


The Tragedy

Gawain O’Malley is known to the outside world as DeForest. His artwork was once critically acclaimed and provided the Order of magical creatures with most of their food, medicine and lifesaving equipment. Because of a fire, he lost his right hand and may never create another piece of art as long as he lives. Worse than the loss of his hand, many of his friends died that same fateful night. And the rest of the artwork the Order might have used to buy supplies was also destroyed. Gawain must live with the fact that the fire was his fault. He accidentally didn’t check one little detail, and his failure to do so will haunt him forever. He hears the screams of his dying friends in his mind. That tortured memory has driven all artistic motivation from him.

The Last Chance

Troda Fitzgerald is the leader of the Brownie faction and was once Gawain’s artistic tutor. He has been summoned back to the enchanted forest by the Sorceress of the Ancients. It’s everyone’s hope that old Troda might be able to help restore Gawain’s inspiration. If he can’t, the finances of the Order will steadily dwindle. Without the revenue created by the sale of Gawain’s famous artwork, supplies will run out. And living in secret from the outside world will become impossible without the finances it takes to keep all the magical creatures fed and clothed.

The Muse

While Troda can do nothing to bring back Gawain’s will to live and his thirst for creating magnificent art, it’s Troda’s granddaughter who begins to fire The Craftsman’s imagination again. For Wren Fitgerald, falling in love with Gawain was instinct. She knew from the moment she saw him that he’d be the only man she’d ever care for. But there’s a secret that stands between them and their plans for saving the Order. It’s a terrible lie about what really happened the night of the fire.

The Quest for Revenge

Gawain learns that the fire wasn’t as accidental as it was made to look. And when he discovers the real reason why his friends died and why he lost his hand, there’s nothing on the face of this Earth that will keep him from seeking justice against those he sees as betrayers. But the price for his revenge is great. He has two choices. He can either hunt down and destroy those responsible for the tragedy the Order has sustained, or keep his beloved, gentle Wren by his side. He can’t have both.


candace sams' book excerpt
Copyright © CANDACE SAMS

Gawain O’Malley slowly backed away from the castle window. Three stories below, magical creatures of the Order danced and sang. Unknown to them, it would be the last celebration for some time. They were putting behind them the terrible fire that had cost nine friends their lives, and their actions were the traditional way to both say goodbye and move on. The families of the dead would mourn in their own way, but the Order would together find their peace in the celebrations. For his part, he had been responsible for those deaths and could find nothing to celebrate. Losing his right hand in the inferno had been a small price to pay for his lack of judgment. How could he ever look any of them in the face again? He couldn’t even tolerate his own reflection

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