The Sleigh Maker

2012 epic finalistthe sleigh makerTHE SLEIGH MAKER
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release date: November 30, 2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN # d4958

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Gavin Frost is Santa’s sleigh maker. He’s as happy as a man can be while living with regret. He wishes he could take back events of seven years ago; the ones that caused his fiancé to storm out of his life on Christmas Eve.Prudence Berry was engaged to Gavin. Her obsession with climbing to the top of her union (Elves’ Local #101) wasn’t as much to blame for their breakup as Gavin’s philandering.

When the two of them are forced to work together on Christmas Eve, they discover that the spirit of the holiday doesn’t just work on children. There’s magic afoot! Gavin and Pru are about to discover the real meaning of the season…in each other’s arms.


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Gavin grabbed up several quilts from the back of the living room sofa and wrapped them around the little girl. “Come on, darling. Let’s go see the reindeer while Santa’s Elf finishes putting some pretty packages under the tree. Okay?”

Punkin nodded excitedly.

Shocked and temporarily welded to the spot, Pru could only stare as Gavin took the little girl outside, toward the sleigh. Grabbing what was left of her senses, she quickly put the rest of the packages under the tree, then finally heard Punkin giggling as Gavin brought her back into the house.

“Are you insane?” she asked as he hugged the little girl, rocked her back and forth, and caused her to laugh yet again. “Gavin, she needs to be in her bed. Right now.”

“All right, all right. Don’t get your tights in a wad. She just wanted to see the reindeer.”

Pru reached into the bag containing her magic dust and saw Gavin adamantly shake his head.

“No. Don’t do that,” he told her. “Punkin will show me which room is hers and we’ll go right upstairs to bed.” He turned and smiled at the little girl. “Won’t we, baby?”

Pru could only stand there with her mouth gaping. She simply watched in silence as Gavin walked away with the little girl. A thousand possible mishaps entered her mind. What if the child began to cry and woke the entire household? What if he dropped her while going up the stairs and hurt her because she was squirming when the magic dust might have put her to sleep? What would any sane parent think if they found their baby being carried in the middle of the night by a huge, leather-clad stranger with long dark hair; one who was built like a prize fighter and looked like he could be dangerous?

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2012 epic finalist
2012 EPIC Finalist!

4 Stars
I really enjoyed “The Sleigh Maker” as it had relatable problems with a dash of magic and Christmas. I was amused by how Gavin and Pru interacted and had great chemistry. An they both seemed to really care about each other. They had a wonderful relationship buildup and had to deal with personal issues. They spent quality time getting to know each other. Plus the secondary characters in this story helped drive things forward. Overall, this was a happy and fun story to enjoy. ~ Silvermage for Night Owl Reviews.

4 Stars
Such a cute story – Just in time to get us in the holiday spirit. Prudence is a workaholic, Gavin is a real ladies man. Both are extremely likable, well developed characters. They were very much in love about 7 years ago but something happened to destroy their relationship. Someone decides to get to the bottom of the “real” story and throws them together this Christmas. I really like the description of the North Pole in this book. It is not your typical description of little elves all milling around Santa Claus. This it the grown ups version! There are gnomes, elves, snow fairies, and my favorite was Mrs. Claus. I loved how Ms. Sams had Santa take a back seat in this Christmas story and gave the key roles to some of his “helpers”. ~ Julie for Nocturne Romance Reads


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