Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart
Wild At Heart
Release: October 1, 2012
Publisher: Story Ink LLC
Print Length: 117 pages

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Proceeds from the sales of this book will benefit the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. If you’d like to read about the refuge, please visit them at: http://www.turpentinecreek.org/

My short story in the Wild At Heart anthology is ‘Saving Akira’ – A PG rated romance.


Saving Akira

It’s just another day on duty. Or is it?

Mark O’Neill has been a cop for a number of years. He’s seen and done a lot, but nothing could prepare him for a call to help capture a loose and rare Bengal tiger.

Sarah Thompson is the vet brought in to help Mark. She’s the one who has to get close enough to tranquilize the 600 lb. cat.

When it comes to loving animals, the pair have something in common. But will their efforts be enough to help save the cat named Akira? Or will the tiger be the latest victim of a careless smuggler?

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candace sams book review

Five Stars on Amazon: Wild at Heart, Volume 1 is a wonderful collection of short stories written by eleven very talented authors to help raise funds for the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. The anthology starts off with a very touching tale by the gifted Elle James/Myla Jackson who conveys a poignant story about a wounded soldier having trouble dealing with reintegration into civilian life and the way he is touched by one of the denizens of the refuge. Most of the stories touch on the way the exotic cats arrive at the sanctuary although some have more fantastical advocates than others (yum, shifters), the difficulty of raising funds to provide an adequate enclosure for the substantial felids or canids or the dedicated people involved with this mission. Rescues involving a few other species, including beached dolphins, a wolf, and other injured wildlife are all imaginatively and enthrallingly conveyed in entertaining stories. Emphasis is placed on the foolishness of adopting an exotic animal without adequate preparation and education and the tragic results that often ensue. An excellent fundraiser that provides fascinating stories, all of which would be excellent springboards for longer tales.

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