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A brand new Summer Solstice anthology.

My short story in this collection is called The Light of The Sun.

When a beautiful young botanist from Earth gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the garden world of Celtarae… during its 500th celebration of Summer Solstice… the trip seems like a dream come true.

However, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare when pirates attack, and a dragon from Celtarae’s forest mountains decides to torch a foe.

Still, all’s not lost. When the heroine finds herself defended by a massive, Thor-like Celtic warrior, things might turn around. Indeed, the entire trip might be the best thing that ever happened.

Genres: Futuristic Romance, Sweet Romance, Action Adventure, Short Story

Release: June 21, 2017

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Or you can check out the publisher’s website: Solstice Publishing.

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Hello everyone,

Thank you so kindly for visiting my web site. I love hearing from readers and do hope you’ll contact me with any questions you might have about a particular story line, or if you’d like to see anything special included in a book. I write what I do for the readers. Without you and your imagination, my characters won’t come to life.

Please check out the ‘books’ list to see a drop down menu of all my titles still available. And check out the ‘coming soon’ page for the latest information on what stories will be published with different publishers. Reviewers are always welcome to contact me as well.

I want to thank all those people over the years who’ve taken the time to try my stories, and who’ve sent back very kind comments. My writing is different. It’s meant to be. I write hoping to put a little joy into your day and to share some of my imagination with you. If these stories make you smile, then I’ve done what I’ve intended. I’m grateful to everyone who has tried my stories…from the bottom of my heart.

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Candace Sams



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