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Just in time for the holiday season…

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A Witch in Time

2 short, magickal holiday romances from USA Today Bestselling authors, Angelique Armae and Candace Sams.

JINGLE SPELLS by Angelique Armae
witch in time saves nine unless the magick of the season deems otherwise…

When museum curator Sienna Paxton accidentally uses a love spell-infused thread to mend her cat Jingles’ ball of yarn, and Jingles eats it, she’s forced to turn to Paxton Hallow’s devilishly sexy Veterinarian, Cameron Kingsley for help. But Jingles is no ordinary cat. And Cam is no ordinary Vet.

The holiday hijinks of one matchmaking cat are in full play in this humorous romantic tale.
MAGIC THYME by Candace Sams
A magical Yule romance survives a single 

Asked to care for a remote cottage while friends are traveling for the holidays, Brodie Nightfall is happy to be alone. He was dumped just over a year before by a woman. Now all he wants is to wallow in pity and spend the Yule pining for what might have been.

But December brings sparkling magic all its own. A spirited blast from the past gives Brodie a chance to plunge into life once more. All he has to do is keep from being turned into a toilet seat.


2 short, witchy romances to read in one night from USA Today Bestselling Authors Angelique Armae and Candace Sams.
WITCHSMOKE by Angelique Armae:
There’s a new marshal in town and for cursed saloon owner—witch Evangeline Paxton—the sinfully sexy man is definitely more a treat than a trick…

If only he hadn’t arrived just as her troubles started to brew…


Romance brews when an autumn garden is mysteriously bewitched.

This title is available in eBook and print formats!

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LORE: Tales of The Order

This is the eighth tale to be written.

Among the most beloved of all legends are the tales of the fairies. And no fairy is more adored by his people than LORE.
This is his story.
Living in a modern world, trying to avoid drones, satellites, and scientific entities that might be watching for the abnormal, Lore is on a quest to fulfill one final, magical destiny before the world marches in on the sacred spaces where enchantment still exists. He believes he will not survive this last journey. But the stars are neither finished with him nor is the universe ready to give up a most beloved being.
Will magic continue in the world or be lost for all time?
On Amazon in eBook and Print formats, available now.
Cover model: Michael Wayne Foster



Keeper of The Loch 

Here is the seventh Tale of The Order ™ about a hidden society of magical creatures.

What lurks in the murky depths of Loch Ness? And what will one man do to achieve fame?

He can have the scientific world banging down his door. Or he can save a creature and let it live its life in harmony with nature.

Come join me in this new adventure. Find out if love is more important to one marine biologist or if fame will rule his life.

If you love all magical things, don’t miss this next Tale. Order now on Amazon.



Here is the sixth Tale of The Order (tm) about a hidden society of magical creatures.

They are living in our world today.

Come join the adventure when a spirit of the forest matches a lonely satyr and a woman with a tragic past. 

If you love all magical things, you will enjoy this series. In print and eBook formats.

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Hexes and Ohs!
For Breast Cancer Research!!!
Witch, please. That’s just one of the things a lucky lover may be crying out in this sexy witch-themed paranormal romance collection. Will love cast its spell this Halloween 2023?
Hexes and Ohs (and “More, please.” and “Do that again.”) abound in this steamy-not scary collection of stories from USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors curated by The New Romance Café, with ALL proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 
This title is available for pre-order now: On Amazon


Living an immortal life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, unless there’s something to give that life meaning.

A policewoman is seriously injured in an accident and about to die. She is saved by a vampire only to find that her family will never give up searching for her. For that family, she must remain dead forever. The past must be left behind.

An Irish shapeshifter gives her a way to hide from loved ones but at what cost?

Is living through eternity worth it? What purpose does life hold if you cannot be with the people who mean the most?

In the Irish countryside, vampires live and lurk. Ghouls are their prey, and no human knows whether vampires or ghouls even exist. It’s an eternal life where a newly changed predator might find redemption or horror. Inspiration or madness. The last thing one changeling expects is suspense, mystery, friendship, hope and even love.

For eons, the undead have lived among us. In the countryside of Ireland, it is easy to hide. For one lonely woman, her hidden existence in the night could be a curse. She is strong but different even from the other vampires around her and that difference may initiate the biggest journey of her undead life.

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When Gawain O’Malley lost his right hand in the tragic fire that destroyed all his artwork and claimed lives, he also lost the will to live. He feels responsible for the fire and can no longer generate an income for the Shire through his work.

Concerned for Gawain’s well-being — and the future of her people — the Sorceress of the Ancients enlists a group of brownies to come to his aid.

When Wren Fitzgerald arrives at the Shire, she immediately realizes Gawain is her one true love — despite her betrothal to someone else. And when they’re together, Gawain feels a deep sense of peace that helps ease his guilt.

 But, as the two are about to discover, the fire was not Gawain’s fault at all but the work of an evil outside force…ON Amazon


Do you believe in magic, curses, and destiny?

Available now, at multiple Booksellers


A search through history reveals the source for one witch’s magical secrets!


In Ireland, the nights can be dangerous.

But there is a force, unknown to humankind.

This force watches in the night…these are the protectors who never see daylight.

Their stories are as varied as their eternal lives.

Try these romantic, paranormal action adventures and see what lurks in the darkness!!! 

The Nightwatchers, Greenwood: Book One   

Available now on Amazon

The Nightwatchers: Sean, Book Two is available now, on Amazon

Look for the third book in The Nightwatchers series 

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The next book in series is available now:

The Nightwatchers: Into the Night, Book 4

 On Amazon

The series continues with the vampire heroes attempting to thwart an old and dangerous enemy!

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