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Seductive supernaturals. Steamy reverse harems. A collection that’s destined to make you fall in love. Alpha females, powerful packs, sexy shifters, and dark immortals war for dominance in these 23 addictive, entrancing tales. My story in this boxed set is entitled Moon Mist.

Moon Mist is about what happens to a Texas police woman when she makes a terrible mistake; a mistake that leads to her becoming an Irish vampire.

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Coming in December of 2018…A cop, a kitten and a lonely woman find they all have something in common – hope!

One Night in the Rain



AND this is coming out in December –  “Heart of a Hunk” ! This is a boxed holiday set from New York Times Bestselling authors as well as up and coming writers!

My story in this boxed set: “BELIEVE“…

When your heart is broken, take one more chance.

Christa Holworth has lost faith in humanity, and every last shred of holiday spirit. On a lonely December night, she is given a chance to renew trust. It’s a chance people rarely get. All she has to do is take one step forward, suspend disbelief, and walk into magic.

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Just released last month!

A woman takes a job at an English estate only to find herself in the middle of a vampiric battle…

DARKSTAR GUARDIAN – just in time for Halloween! On Amazon













Out now! The 4th Tale of the OrderGOBLIN MOON.

Hope may be the only thing that can save an entire race of magical creatures.

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Now available on  Amazon.


This is a hotter than hot book, for those who like their fantasies to sizzle!

About the story: A Master Wizard doesn’t want an apprentice on his planet. A beautiful apprentice isn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer!





Out now!


An evil Druid is cursed to stand as a cemetery gargoyle for three centuries. He has one chance to break his enchantment. He needs the one thing he never cared about…a friend!

This is the third book in the Tales of The Order (TM) series.

Rating: PG, most readers. Available at Amazon





Newly Released!


A cop and a witch are magically trapped inside an old English castle, on Halloween night. It’s a sensual ride into adventure!

Rating: Sensual, hot, spicy









When you’re a farmer who was never told that you have magical blood…what do you do?

Who would you turn to, and who would you trust if someone wanted you dead…just for being what you are?


The second book in the Tales of The Order (TM) series !







When a community is threatened, it’s up to a police officer and a veterinarian to keep the peace… and save an animal’s life.


A short story of hope, with romantic elements.








Fortune favors the Irish…

Gryphon’s Quest

The first book of

the Tales of The Order (TM) series!

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When an incantation is misspelled, what could possibly go wrong?


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Candace Sams' The Welsh Knight

Available now! The second book in the Knight Magick series…

The Welsh Knight. Get it at Amazon

The breakout novel from Under A Celtic Moon!

The Last Knight…available at Amazon

Candace Sams' The Last Knight

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THE LAST KNIGHT by Candace Sams
Book One in Candace Sams’ Knight Magick series.

Garrett Bloodnight is bound by his promise to protect the citizens of Great Britain. Through two World Wars, he has upheld the laws regarding immortality, as well as every regulation devised by politicians. For his long-revered service, and his steadfast loyalty, he has been awarded a life of luxury in the hills of Cumbria. It’s there that he hopes to live out eternity. Alone but content.

When a young beauty enters his domain as a new immortal, Garrett is ordered to train her for service to the queen. No one told either of them that their paths were meant to cross, and in the most bizarre way.

Whether they like it or not, Garrett and his apprentice are inexorably drawn into very old, and dangerous obligations. Secrets over a thousand years in the making come to rest on the front steps of Bloodnight Hall. For the immortals living there, destiny’s call must be answered. They have no choice. They either stand together or they will be destroyed by magic.

2 Tales of Fantasy Romance, by Bestselling Author Angelique Armae and Candace Sams




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Hello everyone,

Thank you so kindly for visiting my web site. I love hearing from readers and do hope you’ll contact me with any questions you might have about a particular story line, or if you’d like to see anything special included in a book. I write what I do for the readers. Without you and your imagination, my characters won’t come to life.

Please check out the ‘books’ list to see a drop down menu of all my titles still available. And check out the ‘coming soon’ page for the latest information on what stories will be published with different publishers. Reviewers are always welcome to contact me as well.

I want to thank all those people over the years who’ve taken the time to try my stories, and who’ve sent back very kind comments. My writing is different. It’s meant to be. I write hoping to put a little joy into your day and to share some of my imagination with you. If these stories make you smile, then I’ve done what I’ve intended. I’m grateful to everyone who has tried my stories…from the bottom of my heart.

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Candace Sams

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