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This is the official home page of Author Candace Sams, USA Today Bestselling Author of all things magical!


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Protect the innocent.

Provide for families.

We stand with Ukraine.

Across the globe authors have come together to provide stories filled with hope, heart and understanding, inspired by the events of February 2022.

STAND FOR UKRAINE is a collection of romance, women’s fiction and poetry. Proceeds go to Save the Children’s efforts to provide Ukrainian children with food, warmth, shelter and psychological support.

Alana Ash, Ally Vance, Amabel Daniels, Amanda Cuff, A McCarty, Pandora Snow, Anna Klein, Anne Mercier, Annee Jones, April A. Luna, April D. Berry, M.A. Lee, A.M. Roark, Sarah Stein, Bee Murray, Riana Everly, Lesley Hoover, C.A. Rene, Caraway Carter, Cassie Simon, Christine Ashworth, Danielle Pays, Dawn McGraw, Debra Elise, Diane Jones, Sharon A. Mitchell, Emery LeeAnn, EmKay Connor, Eva Moore, Ginger Ring, Dylan Quinn, Gwen Dylan, Daniel Cade Quinn, Harlow Layne, Harper Michaels, Heather D’Agostino, Heather Scarlett, Helena Novak, P.T. Macias, Carol Van Den Hende, Jakki Frances, Jane Suen, Jen Stevens, Jennifer M. Miller, JCC Downing, Tasha Blythe, J. P. Uvalle, Judith Lynne, K Leigh, Karigan Hale, Kari Ganske, Kasey Hill, Élodie Garroway, Katherine Moore, Katie Rae, K. R. S. McEntire, Kimberly Halstead, Kristie Leigh, Olivia Rhymer, Krystal Pena, Lisa Wells, M.Culler, S.C. Principale, Maida Malby, Zara M Baily, Mandy Bee, Margo Bond Collins, Maria Macdonald, Megan Ryder, M Jameson, Lissa Lynn Thomas, Merrie Destefano, Chele Maccabe, Michelle Iannarelli, Maya Lemaire, Leila Coltyn, Joslyn Westbrook, Kathleen Ryder, N.J. Ember, Aarti V Raman, A.R. Bell, Renee Dahlia, RJ Gray, Robin Andrews, Rosie Wylor-Owen, Rubi Jade, Liz Martinson, Candace Sams, Guinevere Jordan, Shannon O’Connor, Miranda Jameson, Simone Leigh, Skye MacKinnon, Skye Turner, Sofia Aves, Jo Seysener, J. T. Silver, Suki McMinn, Tanya Dawson, Tanya Nellestein, Taya Rune, T.R. Weatherly, T Wells Brown, Tina Glasneck, Toni Denise, Tracy Broemmer, Tracy Reed, Trinity Wood, Yolanda Olson, Zoey Indiana, Iuliana Foos, Melissa Riddell, Bria James, Rebel Carter, Remy Reigns, Emily Rose, Sabrina Silvers, Margaret Madigan, Andie Bale, Dakota Star, Jeanette Taylor Ford, Jenny Fenshaw, Anna Volkin, D.A. Nelson, Susan Horsnell, Sloane Nicole, Lisa Acerbo

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Authors who love a good challenge—and a good charity—come together with stories inspired by a tail… Mermaid Tails is a limited-release collection of stories included in The Unlimited Tails Series, all of which benefit the Independent Cat Society.

Contributing authors include:
Tracy A. Ball
Susan Burdorf
Tiffany Carby
Stacey Christine
Diana Dawn
EL George
Justina Luther
Martina Marie
EJ Powell
McKenzie Rae
Candace Sams
Magnolia Silcox

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Notice: On or about the third week of June 2022, Amazon deleted Rejected Mates from their web site. According to the publisher, there was no request to do so and there were no known violations. But Amazon insists that the publisher deleted the book listing. In short, Amazon glitched the book into nonexistence. So…please, if you can, purchase from only Barnes & Noble and Apple since their systems ‘didn’t’ glitch and ruin months of pre-orders. Apologies to all who pre ordered Rejected Mates on Amazon. Those pre orders were all lost when Amazon decided to randomly throw some switch. Please help up make up the loss by purchasing from B&N or Apple.

Grateful thanks! 


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Ever been rejected?
Well, so have these paranormal entities.
Find out what happens next for just .99 cents.
20+ stories for under a dollar!
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When Gawain O’Malley lost his right hand in the tragic fire that destroyed all his artwork and claimed lives, he also lost the will to live. He feels wholly responsible for the fire and can no longer generate an income for the Shire through his work.

Concerned for Gawain’s well-being — and the future of her people — the Sorceress of the Ancients enlists a group of brownies to come to his aid.

When Wren Fitzgerald arrives at the Shire, she immediately realizes Gawain is her one true love — despite her betrothal to someone else. And when they’re together, Gawain feels a deep sense of peace that helps ease his guilt.

 But, as the two are about to discover, the fire was not Gawain’s fault at all but the work of an evil outside force…



Do you believe in magic, curses and destiny?

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A search through history reveals the source for one witch’s magical secrets!


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In Ireland, the nights can be dangerous.

But there is a force, unknown to humankind.

This force watches in the night…these are the protectors who never see daylight.

Their stories are as varied as their eternal lives.

Try these romantic, paranormal action adventures and see what lurks in the darkness!!! 

The Nightwatchers, Greenwood: Book 1   

Available now on Amazon.


The Nightwatchers: Sean, Book 2  is available now, on Amazon.

Look for the third book in The Nightwatchers series 

On Amazon!

Cover model: Michael Wayne Foster

The next book in series is available now:

The Nightwatchers: Into the Night, Book 4

 On Amazon!

The series continues with the vampire heroes attempting to thwart a very old and dangerous enemy!

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Look for the entire Nightwatchers series to be released in 2020…

The Nightwatchers series in order:

The Nightwatchers, Book 1: Greenwood

The Nightwatchers, Book 2: Sean

The Nightwatchers, Book 3: Skord

The Nightwatchers, Book 4: Into the Night

The Nightwatchers, Book 5: Jamie


candace sams latest news

Hello everyone,

Thank you so kindly for visiting my website. I love hearing from readers and do hope you’ll contact me through social media links with any questions you might have about a particular story line, or if you’d like to see anything special included in a book.

I write what I do for the readers. Without you and your imagination, my characters won’t come to life.

I want to thank all those people over the years who’ve taken the time to try my stories, and who’ve sent back very kind comments. My writing is different. It’s meant to be. I write hoping to put a little joy into your day and to share some of my imagination with you. If these stories make you smile, then I’ve done what I’ve intended. I’m grateful to everyone who has tried my stories…from the bottom of my heart.

To follow me in real time, like my Facebook page. Or chat with me on Twitter.
Also find me on Bingebooks.
Look for a full list of social media links at the very top of this page.

Good Reading to You!  ~ Candace Sams


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