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Reviews for Eternally Chained:

5 Hearts

Eternally Chained is the beginning of a new vampire {series} that will entrance you with its subterfuge and romantic love story.

If you love a story with interesting and exciting characters as well as a strong storyline, you are going to love Eternally Chained. It is a story that takes a “BITE” out of you! ~ Reviewed by MDobson for Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

5 Kisses

Eternally Chained

Together, Morgan and Sean have amazing chemistry. The circumstances Morgan unexpectedly wakes up to find herself in as a vampire are realistic and chilling. Her doubts and final acceptance of what she’s become run the gamut of emotions, as does two lips reviews recommended readher relationship with Sean, who has to suffer separation from Morgan to finally realize that living in the past and keeping his love alive for the long dead Simone makes no sense for a vampire faced with a millennia of living. A millennia he could spend loving a woman who is much more than Simone ever could have been, had she survived WWII. We shall see, as Eternally Chained ended with a promise of much more to come….My curiosity is killing me! ~ Reviewed by Merrylee for TwoLips reviews.


Reviews for The Sleigh Maker:

A sweet holiday story sure to warm your heart. This story is pure enough to share with the young adult readers in your life as well as adults. ~ reviewed by Kersyn for Bitten By Books

4 Stars

I really enjoyed
“The Sleigh Maker” as it had relatable problems with a dash of magic and Christmas. I was amused by how Gavin and Pru interacted and had great chemistry. An they both seemed to really care about each other. They had a wonderful relationship buildup and had to deal with personal issues. They spent quality time getting to know each other. Plus the secondary characters in this story helped drive things forward. Overall, this was a happy and fun story to enjoy. ~ Silvermage for Night Owl Reviews.

4 Stars

Such a cute story – Just in time to get us in the holiday spirit. Prudence is a workaholic, Gavin is a real ladies man. Both are extremely likable, well developed characters. They were very much in love about 7 years ago but something happened to destroy their relationship. Someone decides to get to the bottom of the
“real” story and throws them together this Christmas. I really like the description of the North Pole in this book. It is not your typical description of little elves all milling around Santa Claus. This it the grown ups version! There are gnomes, elves, snow fairies, and my favorite was Mrs. Claus. I loved how Ms. Sams had Santa take a back seat in this Christmas story and gave the key roles to some of his
“helpers”. ~ Julie for Nocturne Romance Reads


Reviews for Dark Star Guardian:

Seductively unique, Darkstar Guardian draws you in from the first page. A modern vampire tale with a historical lined plot that adds to the mystery of this beautiful tale. I loved this book, sat up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it. High praise for Candace Sams and Darkstar Guardian. ~ review by Emily for ~ Sensuality Rating: Sensuous. Star Rating: 5 Stars


Reviews for Mr. Interstellar Feller:

Electra Galaxy’s Mr. Interstellar Feller is a BORDERS, paranormal romance Top Pick


“I have a great time laughing because this story just pushes with relish all the right buttons where my ability to enjoy the absurd is concerned. The author’s sense of timing and her ability to set up a joke leading to a punchline work very well for me. This book, therefore, is too much fun. ~ review by Mrs. Giggles ~, Rating: 87

Romance Reader at Heart TOP PICK

Sams creates non-stop action as Trask, Sagan and their contestant cohorts battle the arms smuggling pirates from the planet Ussaria, indulge in spectacular parties and put up with the humiliation of being primped, groomed and waxed for the enjoyment of millions of vid viewers. And did I mention that Trask’s second-in-command has the wings of an angel and a body to die for? Sigh. The characters are perfectly developed and the snappy dialog often left me laughing.

ELECTRA GALAXY’S MR. INTERSTELLAR FELLER amazed me with its quality of action, adventure, romance and science-fiction. It is fun to consider what people of other planets will look like, eat, and consider to be art. And it is great fun to fantasize about certain alien male body parts moving in new and interesting ways! I heartily recommend this for all the entertainment value.

Susan Barton for Romance Reader at Heart


Romantic Times Magazine – RT Rating 4 1/2 Stars

This excellent blend of high-stakes intrigue, fast-paced danger and offbeat humor is a cross between Miss Congeniality and Men in Black. Watching tough-as-nails protagonists balancing life-threatening danger and pageant high jinks is hugely entertaining. Yet Sams doesn’t forget to create characters layered with deep emotion.

Summary: Earth Protectorate Force Captain Sagan Carter has just been handed a time bomb of an assignment. Intergalactic weapons smugglers are about to make a deal, and Sagan has been ordered to work with Oceanus Enforcer Keir Trask, whose cover story will be to compete as an entrant in the Mr. Interstellar Feller competition.

Sexy and smart Sagan quickly shatters Keir’s belief that all Earthers are backwards and slow. Meanwhile, Keir is under strict orders not to reveal what else he is hunting. With competitors from all over the galaxy, the pageant is the perfect place to set up an illegal deal — meaning everyone is suspect. (LOVE SPELL, Jul., 320 pp.,$6.99) HOT – Jill M. Smith, for Romantic Times Magazine


Reviews for Gryphon’s Quest:



Reviews for The Gazing Globe:

Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Review

“A beautiful adult fairy tale. Candace Sams has a distinct voice that paranormal readers will love.”

Sharyn McGinty, In The Library Reviews

“The Gazing Globe beautifully captures everything I love in both romances and fantasies. It has earned a place of honor on my keeper shelf.”

Jaycee, Romance Reviews Today

“Readers who enjoy romantic fantasy will love THE GAZING GLOBE. Trust me when I tell you, no collection of fantasy will be complete without it. It’s that good.”


Reviews for Stone Heart:

Mindy Lobaugh, Paranormal Romance Reviews/The Best Reviews

“A story the will touch your heart and reach for your soul!”

Candace Sams writes an amazing love story about the power of friendship that can build in to so much more. Her settings are vivid and magical. And her ability to create humor out of simple life situations is enchanting. The supporting characters are unique and magical in their own right and brought a wonderful balance to the book. I could go on and on about Stone Heart, but my words seem almost too simple compared to the beauty of a story that must be read and experienced. And like any good fairy tale, it has a wonderful ending!

Harriet Klausner, Paranormal Romance Reviews/Amazon #1 Reviewer

“A fabulous magical story”

STONE HEART is a terrific fantasy romance, the third tale in the Order universe (see GRYPHON’S QUEST and THE GAZING GLOBE). Karen is an inspirational person embracing life while near death; Angus has a second chance to redeem his soul, but life’s cruelty hits home when another loved on is near death. Will he chose salvation as his cherished redeemer is dying or will he turn bitter and angry at fate? Candace Sams enchants her readers with a fabuous magical story in which the strength of sorcery seems genuine but feeble next to the power of love.